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July 20 2017

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I just look at this and all I can feel is that it’s going to lead me to some fiendishly difficult puzzle that will require 27 pages of notes, a detail from two universes ago, and my dad to solve.

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This is the lucky clover cat. reblog this in 30 seconds & he will bring u good luck and fortune.

Są słowa jak drzazgi, które wchodzą głęboko pod skórę. Tkwią w niej, dopóki się ich nie wyciągnie. Bolą za każdym, nawet najmniejszym dotknięciem. Są też słowa sztylety. Jedno pociągnięcie i człowiek ma rozprute serce. Są słowa, które zostają w nas na zawsze i takie, 0 których zapominamy po kilku minutach.
— Gabriela Gargaś – W plątaninie uczuć
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we grow together
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Ogawa Ghessu, 1925

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Here is a picture of J.R.R. Tolkien looking at some flowers in a greenhouse. Apparently, he was the worst person to take walks with because he liked to stop and observe every tree he passed very carefully. We can only assume that he did this because he was waiting for them all to reveal their true Ent nature and speak to him. Ents do speak slowly, after all. They were probably between words while he was watching.

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Rising Red Moon

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Ronald Searle

“The New Yorker, magazine cover May 1972 “

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today i saw a birb runnin’ fast

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this with a side of whiskey, please. taken in yosemite by @joelbear #bluemovement

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